Here my Friends, are gifts from You - the ones I enjoy and cherish.  And the new ones...


А здесь место для друзей, их подарков; тех что бережешь.





This is GG!

And here are her presents that adore my walls.

I've named them...

Заря - Dawn in her 1st month
Her White horse
my mysterious Miz. with flowers
my mysterious Miz; visiting in good weather

And Here is GG's Gallery

This's Siabka...

She's got some amazing clay! And murals. I'll try to get her to post some here

Here's a small thing I've got - A Drinking Man! Alas he fell and broke a leg.

A drinking Man

AlDog - Man!

Passion and Indulgence

coming soon...

Oj - Hers are the best gifts!

... trojans ...

А что в нем?
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I've got two pieces of yours. His best work is not for display...

white clay
her virgin clay
JPG image [1.9 MB]
pink clay
her pink clay
Compressed archive in ZIP format [12.1 MB]

From Ace

A Christmas present from my new friend. we share the same world. Thank you for these images.

I named this one - На исходе света. You told me I was right.

На исходе света

"На исходе света". That's what I called it. It means - "At the leaving of the light" in my old language. It also means - "At the end of the world".

You told me that you've started with the monkey.

The monkey is me, spinning my world to a child. He's not looking. He's in another world.

And the Light is leaving, and Darkness is spreading. And Budda will be no more.


What will it be my Child?

And the other images below, I named ...


4th day, 6th day

black hole, Revelation

Ninja, reflection

Serafims, Царевна Йинь

На исходе света

There is more