А они ее дети - Шелковицы моей. А имена им я дал.


Climb the tree branch from branch, to the one you like, and spend some time there, in it's world. Or fly to it like a bird.


I let my guests sit there. Nothing like sitting in a tree!


Why is it so good? Because trees are like rivers and branches are their streams. Streams that float into the Sky. And we love both. 

They also say that we've come from monkeys; that could be too.


Below are the branches of my tree; I've name for each. And the new ones will grow in the canopy.


Here are their names: Canopy, Kokopelly, Безымянная...


А под ней ветви скрытые, скрытые пока. Ветви и листья которые ждут...


А там внизу - ее первенцы

Ее Опор в Небе.


Вот она Шелковица всех

нас кормит

своими корешками.


И что ты

Ворон без Нее?

без Них?

А ты летишь в Поднебесье -